“A person who has acquired some experience with boats has come to realize the cruising limit of a boat is almost directly proportional to its size or displacement.  There still remains a healthy urge, however, to own a boat of able performance and seaworthy character on the rugged side.  One that is not too large to be handled and kept up by one man.  Such a desire is quite reasonable.”

– Thomas C. Gillmer, N.A.

“This being the heyday of quantity production it is inevitable that boats are beginning to look much alike.  This from the aesthetic standpoint is little short of tragedy.  Fortunately, there will always be un-regimented yachts men whose wants cannot be filled with duplications, and to these will have a special significance.”

– John Atkins

“I’d rather have a small boat that can be well-maintained than a bigger one that I can’t afford to keep up as it should be”

Bill Dobson

“A sweet little cruiser at a fair price”

George Day

“a great “Gunkholer””


“Truly the Hinckley or better of small cruisers.”

– President, VT Firm

“I can’t believe that this boat sails as well as it does. Somehow the designer hit the nail on the head, making her sail way better than she should.”

Marine Consultant

“The most beautiful boat in the show, you are to be congratulated for both the quality of workmanship and the excellent blending of tradition and technology.”

President, Dove Industries

“I am a member of the Buffalo Yacht Club, the 3rd oldest yacht club in the USA, ‘My Way’ (Eastsail 25) attracts more attention than most of the 40′ custom built yachts.”

Senior Officer NY

“She never ‘shivered’ throughout a solid week of pounding—her bow charged into her windward chores, never submarining in the worst of seas.”

President, VT Firm

“A very good boat indeed”

President, International Marine