Designer & Design

Eliot Spalding, N.A. of Lowell & Spalding is eminently qualified as the designer of these tabloid world cruisers. He has made many long passages, sailing in Europe, racing and delivering yachts. He knows boats from a yacht surveyors experience of over twenty-five years.

A graduate of Westlawn Yacht Design, he worked for John G. Alden of Boston for 15 years in work that ranged from designs of 10 foot dinghies to 125 foot schooners. For a short period he worked with Ted Hood of Marblehead in designing and from there, he went into business for himself settling in Freeport, Maine.

Here are his comments on the design of the Eastsail.

“She has generous capacity for offshore passage with comfort considering her size. A well balanced and proportioned cutter rig set up for solo handling.

A slight hollow entrance with a long run with a long keel to help her hold her course as opposed to the lighter displacement fin keel boats.

There is a good amount of sheer and ample freeboard making her a dry vessel. The good beam – relatively hard bilges and low position ballast, contributes to her stiffness.

All in all, this is a hull and design that can be driven through the water well. Several provisions have been incorporated into her design, adding to comfort and safety for offshore passages.”